How to Keep Computer Health Safety Online – 5 Easy Ways

When you log on to the internet you can put your computer health Security at risk. That is a fact. This is the reason that anti-virus software and anti-spam software where created is to protect your computer health safety. It is not your fault that you got viruses, spam or other harmful things. However, you should take the the necessary steps to keep this from happening in the future.

Keep Your Computer Clean: It is important for your PC health safety that your PC stays clean if you use the internet. By clean, I am talking about the ‘bad guys’ also known as viruses,spy ware, and adware.

How to Keep Computer Health Safety Online

There are lots of different things that can hurt your computer health and slow your PC down, but luckily there is also a cure to keep your computer safe.

Software that must be used: The important two pieces of software you must have are anti-virus and anti-adware. There is no need to buy 30 different kinds of anti-spyware programs.

However, you must choose two programs that will protect your computer health safety. These will work in the background on their own. Some anti-adware products also protect against spy-ware as well.

Schedule Maintenance: The software will block spyware and adware. You should also use the software when you are offline. You should scan your computer using both software at least once a month. This will clean up any malicious objects found on your computer. These objects can create a lot of harm to your PC as well as significantly degrade the performance of the computer.

Security Measurements: We already mentioned that you need two pieces of software to keep ongoing protection on your PC. You can find some programs, however, that do both at the same time for you.

If you download software, movies, images or videos or any thing else off of the internet, it is highly recommended that u scan this files for potential viruses or trojan horses. Before opening them right click on them and use your antivirus to scan them.

Go to Control Panel to turn on your Firewall in the windows. Firewall is a wall that also an ongoing protection which is very important.

Once you have your software installed these protect your PC and you get back the freedom you deserve. Remember that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.


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