How To Create A Shared Folder In Windows 7

They are the properties applied to objects on a computer or network, such as files and / or folders, they determine the type of access or you can have access to them.
For example, you can access a document on a shared network folder, but can only be read, not modified.
The Manager (s) of the team can assign permissions to individual users or groups. If you want to connect your windows to another pc, make sure you have the LAN Card’s Drivers installed properly.


Method # 1:
STEP # 1:
Right on the folder to share (eg one in the Desktop):
STEP # 2:
In the pop-up menu, select Share with …
STEP # 3:
Select, as applicable:
a) No
b) Homegroup (Read)
c) Homegroup (Read and Write)
d) Specific Users …
STEP # 4:
If you select “Specific People”
He presented the following window:
Method # 2:
STEP # 1:
Right click on the folder to share, selecting “Properties”.
STEP # 2:
Click “Share” and then “Advanced Shared Use”
STEP # 3:
In the Advanced Sharing window in Windows 7, you will find 3 basic parameters to configure. First, select the name of the folder to share. Number of simultaneous users and permissions. And comments.
STEP # 4:
Once created, we will click on permits and will open a new window.
Where you can select which users may want to access your folders, and also establish the required permissions to each of them. If we want to network file sharing in Windows 7 users can only see our files, select READ. If we give permission to also can store files in the shared folder, also activate CHANGE box, and if we want the user to have the same power to manage the files that we give you the TOTAL CONTROL.
STEP # 5:
Once we establish all configuration parameters for network sharing folders in Windows 7, accept the changes and the operating system assigns a network path so that other computers can access our shared folder.
In the example, the path that I must be written in Windows 7 Explorer, or the Run menu will be: \\ STATOX-PC \ New Folder,
STEP # 6:
If we write this route from another computer with the user associated with the network, see how we have direct access to the shared folder, and ultimately their files contained.

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